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Your Valuable Team at the Helm

Financial Health Works has a vision for their business and individual clients, bringing  ideas to life enabling you to easily understand and apply them in your financial future.  We pride  ourselves in offering the best in class financial products.

We explore the best strategies for helping businesses and individuals achieve success and security.  Your success is our business!

Mark Stonefish Photo

Mark Stonefish


Life Insurance Advisor, Financial Health Works Inc.

Mark’s career began in 1996 and he has established himself as a trusted financial advisor and benefit specialist. Taking the time to understand client needs is a huge strength of his, as well as educating clients about the various products that are available. He also focuses on assisting individuals and families increasing income and enhancing wealth.

Knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and intellectual leader are just a few words often used to describe Mark. With two and a half decades of experience in the fast-paced financial industry, Mark has established himself as an innovative leader and advisor.

In his current role, Mark leads strategic business development, strengthened client relationships, change and program management, and guides the success of his high-performing team. He has consistently found success through his effective communication skills and the unique ability to navigate details. Mark has earned the trust and admiration of his clients and peers alike.

He has worked as a financial advisor, employee benefits specialist, account manager and supervisor. He worked tirelessly to expand his experience and financial acumen, which would guide him down the path into leadership, and higher levels of responsibility as owner of Financial Health Works.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Designated Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS), Dalhousie University
  • Designated Group Benefits Associate (GBA), Dalhousie University
  • Designated Retirement Plans Associate (RPA), Dalhousie University
  • Designated Health Insurance Associate (HIA), The Health Insurance Association of America
  • Designated Managed Healthcare Professional (MHP), The Health Insurance Association of America


Debbie Mitchell Photo

Debbie Mitchell


Life Insurance Advisor, Financial Health Works Inc.

Debbie has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Windsor. Prior to beginning her career in financial services, she had her own bookkeeping services company where many relationships were established that carried through to present day which helped people identify their key goals. As an independent insurance advisor, Debbie is able to offer unbiased advice that gives her clients access to many products and services.

Debbie has been working in all aspects of Employee Benefits and Group Retirement since 2004.

Debbie has a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and understands the diverse needs of individual companies and their commitment to their employees to provide a custom-built plan to assure a healthy work environment.

On a personal note, Debbie is married with two daughters.  Debbie enjoys cooking and playing the piano on her off time and continues to value the time spent with her family and friends.


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), University of Windsor


Brennan Stonefish Photo

Brennan Stonefish

Analyst, Financial Health Works Inc.

Brennan's journey into the financial world started as a student during his initial coursework and exploration's within the field. Despite being at the early stages of his career, he shows potential in the financial sector with his capabilities to grasp intricate financial concepts, while keeping in mind the best interest of the client and solutions tailored directly to their needs.

He shines using his organizational and analysis ability's to navigate everyday activities and tasks. He supports our back office administration leveraging technology and analyzing data. Brennan's attention to detail helps effectively manage change within the organization and drives its vision for growth and commitment to excellence.

Brennan is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Brock University. His academic endeavors provide a solid foundation, excelling in essential courses such as finance, statistics, and economics. Within his university environment, Brennan takes on roles that require effective teamwork, strategic planning, hard work, and adapting to evolving situations.

On a personal note, Brennan enjoys spending time with friends and playing sports. Brennan will be continuing his studies towards his undergraduate degree in the fall.